Whether your goal is to improve working relationships within your company, transform your outlook on life, or pack your brain full of outrageous solutions for everyday life, Reena brings the fun, with presentations that will leave audiences motivated for a fresh start.


Corporate/Office Presentation


Part 1-Face to Face Networking; Whether meeting people or connecting through Social Media, building relationships is the cornerstone for every successful organization. Learn concepts of how to approach people and the do’s and don’t of making a great first impression. Part 2-Technological Networking: Use Social Media to create  strong, long-lasting connections  to network yourself to the next level. 

When emergency personnel arrive on the scene of a fire, it is all too common for victims to give-up when they see the door instead of making their way through to the other side of the door. Unfortunately it isn’t uncommon for people to give-up right before success; but one word can change your life! So imagine the opportunities we have every day to motivate, encourage and transform the world including ourselves. Words can be our greatest asset and our most dangerous weapon. This topic is a must for everyone; it is a strong message with practical solutions to encourage positive relationships. It’s time to get back to the basics and speak wisely. I ran a contest asking over 1 million Canadians which words have impacted them the most and you won’t believe the results!


Business/Association/Group Presentations


If you lead or participate in a group setting, this hands on workshop is for you. No two people are alike; but we all need to get along and accept each other. Begin by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. What does it feel like to work as a team with challenges such as blindness, limited capacity, ADHD and shyness? How difficult is it to acknowledge the people around you? Everyone has a gift. This interactive workshop will take you out of your comfort zone and leave you with a fantastic message about inclusion and acceptability. This presentation was a hit at: Recreation Connections Manitoba, Red River College, Home Schoolers Association SK, Clowns Association.


Is it a good idea to text during a meeting? When office challenges arise should a person email a response or address their colleagues face to face? Does it matter what you post outside of office hours? Our world is changing and news travels faster than ever before, and even our reaction to horrible news events is often recorded and shared. We can’t stop information from spreading, but here are ideas of what we can do. Be ready because almost every adult and child now has a recording device within their fingertips and all they need to do is press SEND. Learn proper Social Media Etiquette; when to text and when to talk. As unique individuals we all have our own way of using Social Media; here are the do’s and don’ts of Social Media especially in the corporate setting.


Everyone has the potential to become a confident presenter; with practice and some tricks of the trade! This popular, interactive workshop teaches large and/or small size groups how to speak in front of an audience.



This topic is widely popular and suitable for people of ALL ages! Learn how to reduce toxic chemicals in your life by using what we have on hand. More and more people are being “Greenwashed” into thinking that the products sold on store shelves are healthier, when in fact there are currently no government legislations as to what can be considered, non-toxic, green or environmentally friendly. It’s time to get back to basics and use the inexpensive safe products that our grandmothers used. King vinegar has over 1,500 uses like; killing weeds and cleaning kettles. Peanut butter is great for removing scratches on CD’s and getting gum out of hair. Ketchup is fantastic for polishing brass and mayonnaise removes watermarks on wood. The products behind our cupboard doors have more uses than anyone ever dreamed of and it’s time that people knew. No longer do we need to sprint to the grocery stores to purchase strong chemicals, instead we can use what we already have on hand and make much greener, less expensive and healthier choices.


Grab your mouthwash and weed the garden. Get rid of garden pests using products that you already have on hand. Our grandparents controlled weeds and summer annoyances using good ol’ fashioned non-toxic products and so can we. You will be amazed when you learn how easy gardening is without using store brought products. Get rid of wasps, skunks, slugs, cats, mice and many other garden critters with less expensive, environmentally friendly and non toxic solutions.


Ever wonder how restaurants make perfect pies, cakes, icing, cookies and gravy? Get ready to learn tricks for timeless classics. Cooking and baking has never been easier and soon you will be able to wow your family and friends with food that looks and tastes like they were made by professionals. The secrets are out and your life just got easier!


As women we spend much of our time worrying about what others think of us, we want to have a clean home, beautiful garden, great food all while looking relaxed and in control. But the Bible says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7). Instead of spending our time wondering what the world thinks of us, we should concentrate on the One who matters, living our lives for God. One of the examples that I give is that many women strive to bake the best cupcakes, not necessarily for our families but for our own competitive self natures. When will we ever be satisfied? When will we change our hearts and encourage the people around us? When will we ever learn The Cupcake Secret? NOTE: All of the information for this presentation is taken from the NIV Holy Bible, my life experiences and household solutions from my newspaper columns and book series.